Height - less than 1 FT

Cornice - Less than 1 Ft in height

CR001FImage10 1/2"7 5/8"PDFDXF
CR044AImage10 3/4"2' 8 1/8"PDFDXF
CR048Image10"1' 2"PDFDXF
CR045BImage6"4 1/2"PDFDXF
CR045CImage7"4 1/2"PDFDXF
CR051AImage9"1' 2"PDFDXF
CR057AImage11"8 1/2"PDFDXF
CR060AImage10"4 5/8"PDFDXF
CR060CImage8"4 5/8"PDFDXF
CR061Image9 7/8"1' 3 1/2"PDFDXF
CR063Image9 7/8"1' 1 1/2"PDFDXF
CR068BImage8 3/4"6"PDFDXF
CR068CImage8 1/2"6"PDFDXF
CR073EImage2 7/8"3 5/8"PDFDXF
CR078BImage8 3/4"4 1/2"PDFDXF
CR084HImage7 7/8"5 3/8"PDFDXF
CR084JImage4 1/2"5 3/8"PDFDXF
CR092Image8"5 1/4"PDFDXF
CR094Image8"1' 5"PDFDXF
CR100DImage11 1/8"5 1/2"PDFDXF
CR101BImage9 1/2"7"PDFDXF
CR101CImage11 3/8"7"PDFDXF
CR102Image10 7/8"8 7/8"PDFDXF
CR102AImage10 3/8"7 3/8"PDFDXF
CR103BImage7 1/2"2 3/4"PDFDXF
CR079Image1 13/16"1 3/16"PDFDXF
CR104BImage9 1/4"6"PDFDXF
CR112AImage10"1' 1"PDFDXF
CR117BImage8 3/8"5"PDFDXF
CR117CImage9 1/8"3 1/2"PDFDXF
CR119AImage8 3/4"2 3/4"PDFDXF
CR122CImage10 5/8"5 5/8"PDFDXF
CR122EImage6 5/8"9 1/2"PDFDXF
CR122KImage9 5/8"9 1/2"PDFDXF
CR128Image2 5/8"1' 0 1/2"PDFDXF
CR138Image11"1' 0"PDFDXF
CR142Image7"4 1/2"PDFDXF
CR125BImage10 1/8"6"PDFDXF
CR125CImage10 1/8"10 1/4"PDFDXF
CR126BImage11"10 3/8"PDFDXF
CR126CImage9"2 1/2"PDFDXF
CR137BImage11 1/2"1' 1"PDFDXF
CR138AImage11"8 1/4"PDFDXF
CR146Image10"9 7/8"PDFDXF
CR152Image9 1/8"8 3/4"PDFDXF
CR156Image7 5/8"7 1/8"PDFDXF
CR158Image10 3/8"1' 1 3/4"PDFDXF
CR158BImage11 3/4"7"PDFDXF
CR165Image5 1/4"1' 3"PDFDXF
CR165AImage5 1/4"9"PDFDXF
CR166Image11 7/8"6 7/8"PDFDXF
CR168FImage6 3/8"7"PDFDXF
CR169AImage6 3/8"11 1/8"PDFDXF
CR170Image10"9 1/8"PDFDXF
CR175Image9 3/4"1' 2 3/4"PDFDXF
CR176Image10 1/4"6 7/8"PDFDXF
CR177Image11 3/8"8 1/2"PDFDXF
CR187Image7 7/8"1' 2"PDFDXF

Strength and Beauty

At Fiberglass Technologies, INC, we know the architectural value of lightweight fiberglass columns and take pride in our methods to manufacture and deliver fiberglass columns crafted to provide you –  the Architect or the Builder -  with  magnificent columns designed to last.